Hello, my name is

Bartek Stańkowski

Freelance Front-End Web & Mobile Developer

About me

I’m 29 years old freelancer, currently working from my home office in Katowice, south Poland.

Passionate about new technologies, modern web and mobile market. I love building clean and fun to use interfaces for web and mobile sites and applications, using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

What I do

During all my professional career I have been working as a front-end web developer. I was involved in a variety of projects, from small web sites to large and JavaScript heavy web applications for desktop and mobile devices. I work with some brilliant PSD-to-HTML companies, digital agencies and individual clients, designers and developers around the world.


I can show you some of my recent projects if you’d like, but most of my work is protected by NDA, which means I can’t show or tell about it to anyone. If you need to keep it confidential, that’s fine for me.

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  • XHTMLized

    Member of the X-Team, front-end web and mobile developer at XHTMLized.com, working full-time at the office in Kraków, Poland.

  • Registered a company

    I decided to make that freelancing thing a bit more official and registered a company.

  • V eb o o Labs

  • Crimson Oak

    Started as an intern, moved to a full-time front-end position in a small digital agency.

  • Freelance

    Freelancing since… well, I’m not really sure when it started. My first paid project was sometime around 2006, but I built my first web site long before, when I had no Internet connection at home.

Contact me

If you’re creating something amazing and need a good front-end developer in your team, let me know!
I’m always open for opportunities to learn new stuff and build great products.

To contact me, please send an email to bartek@bstankowski.pl or catch me on Twitter—thanks!